lake fryxell

Lake Fryxell was written during the second national UK lockdown, in which I hadn't left my local area in months.The lack of true engagement with the outside world left me feeling static, leading to multiple evenings spent 'travelling' on Google Maps and exploring countries I regarded as being on the edge of the world or relatively untouched by the effects of modern society. This piece is named after the lake of the same name in Antarctica, and takes inspiration from its expansive white landscapes and frozen lakes. 

selected works

small ensemble

Lake Fryxell (2021)

4m | piano trio

workshopped by Fidelio Trio

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Magnetic Resonance (2021)

14.5m | string quartet

workshopped by Quatuor Bozzini

time passing (2021)

2m | percussion trio

commissioned by Tresonant


Homage for the Dead (2018)

4m | string quartet


Astral (2018) 

4.9m | small ensemble



processing... (2020)

3.9m | vibraphone duo

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'processing...' is a Vibraphone duo piece written in late 2020, in which I was going through a rough health period. I was in need of the space to process all of the changes happening to my body, but never gave it to myself due to my need to keep moving forward. The works I wrote during these couple of months (including Magnetic Resonance) are heavily reflective of the inner turmoil I was going through.