"May’s work blends elements of indie, folk, alternative rock and ambient genres to create a sound world truly her own, taking inspiration from her personal experiences to create a cathartic listen."

- Zygmund de Somogyi, PRXLUDES

"Beautifully written and vocally mesmerising"

- Melody Myers, Underground Zine



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other songwriting work

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forbidden cities (2022)
producer: Ryan Probert, Luke Deane

Prisoner Cinema's debut track featuring my vocals and production by Ryan Probert and Luke Deane.

Forbidden Cities was premiered on Atrocity Guide's documentary The Kidnapped Filmmakers of North Korea.

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quiet in my room (2020)
producer: Hooman

A collaborative track featuring my original lyrics and vocals and Indonesian lo-fi producer Hooman's ambient-infused instrumentals. 

Quiet In My Room has garnered over 32,000 streams on Spotify.

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